Police have turned down a rape victim's request for compensation two months after apologising to her for bungling the investigation which sent the wrong man to jail.

David Dougherty served three years in jail for the 1992 abduction and rape of an 11-year-old girl in West Auckland.

He was awarded nearly $900,000 in compensation after DNA evidence proved he was not the rapist. This year Nicholas Reekie was jailed for 25 years for the crime and several other sex offences against women.

The girl was Reekie's youngest victim but the inquiry and a leaked police memo suggested she had lied and allowed the rapist into her room.

Police apologised twice in writing, saying the inquiry was not up to accepted police standards and it could have been done better.

The girl's family lawyer then raised the issue of compensation from police for bungling the inquiry but were told last week that she would not be compensated.

The victim's mother said yesterday that further legal advice would be sought on the police rejection.

"It is not fair on her," she said. "I am concerned at the total disrespect for her."