The accidental activation of an emergency beacon near Kawerau is a timely reminder for people to register their beacons.

Rescue Co-ordination Centre spokeswoman Sandra Ford said while the people had done "half the job" by having a beacon, if it wasn't registered which meant they weren't able to get in touch with emergency contacts when it was activated.

The beacon was briefly activated this morning prompting a flyover of the area by the Trustpower TECT Rescue Helicopter.

Ms Ford said the beacon was only activated briefly, and they believed it was accidentally switched on and then off again.


She said it was an important reminder for people to register the beacons with contact details.

Beacons can be registered for free and registering a beacon allows the Rescue Co-ordination Centre to get contact details for the owner if the beacon was activated.

To register a beacon or find out more go to