Two men accused of bashing two police officers in Huntly will remain behind bars until their next court appearance.

Junior Marsh, a road worker, and sawmill worker Peri Fisher, both of Huntly, were remanded today without plea on several charges relating to an alleged assault on two police officers in the north Waikato town yesterday.

Through his lawyer Gerard Walsh, Marsh, 23, didn't seek bail and was remanded without plea to reappear in Hamilton District Court on February 7.

Lawyer Jared Bell unsuccessfully sought bail for Fisher, who was remanded in custody without plea to also reappear in Hamilton in February.


The pair face charges of wounding with intent to injure and failing to stop for police. Fisher faces an additional charge of drink driving, third or subsequent, after blowing 445mcg. The legal limit is 250mcg.

It's alleged that Fisher and Marsh were travelling on Paki St, Huntly, just after 2am on Wednesday when police tried to pull the car over.

The car allegedly took off for a short distance before it came to a stop.

The officers approached the car and the passenger, Marsh, allegedly got out and walked off.

An officer tried to grab the keys out of the ignition and allegedly became involved in a tussle with Fisher.

Although pepper spray was initially used on Fisher, it didn't have much effect, and instead incapacitated the officer.

Marsh then allegedly came up behind the officer involved in the alleged tussle with Fisher and hit him in the face up to five times with a steel pipe. He was allegedly struck around the head, shoulders and stomach.

One of the officers managed to successfully spray Marsh, who's then accused of fleeing the scene.

The officer who suffered facial injuries from the metal vacuum cleaner pipe was released from Waikato Hospital today.

His nose and eye socket are broken and his eyebrow and lip split.

The other officer, who also needed medical treatment, suffered bad bruising around his neck and the back of his head.