Jon Voight stood about 2 metres away from me. I was so excited.

I had been in love with Jon since I saw him with his trousers around his ankles in the movie 'Midnight Cowboy'.

I had my camera in hand and was longing to take a picture.

It was around 1992. I was at the 'wrap' party of the filming of the 'Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior'.


Voight had played the captain of the boat. My movie hero was so close to me I was in a virtual swoon.

He appeared to be having a very serious conversation with his then girlfriend.

She had been dancing and getting up close and personal with a handsome sailor from a Greenpeace ship.

Jon was not happy. I could see he was very agitated. It was not an opportune time for me, the adoring fan to swoop in with a camera.

I sadly saw him hastily go out the door into a waiting taxi.

As I ran out onto the pavement and watched him disappear into the dim street lights of Auckland, I could only be furious with myself for not being more assertive and stopped Jon in his tracks to take the selfie of the day.

I often think, even now, 'if only'. But, I remain an avid fan.