A man is in custody after firing shots at a commercial premises in Takanini this morning.

Police said the incident happened at 10.44am when they were notified a lone man had fired shots towards a commercial premises at Tironui Rd.

Police were immediately deployed to the scene and a man was taken into custody without incident.

A man, who doesn't want to be named, was driving past on his way to work when he saw the action unfold.

He says the offender was swinging a shotgun around outside a gang pad.


"Like a pump action shotgun, like a pistol grip.

"I could see him standing then swinging it around and he put it on his shoulder."

The man noticed an undercover cop car at the end of the street.

"I saw more and more police officers turning up and it was all on.

"Eventually he put the gun down, they asked him to walk into the middle of the road and lie on his stomach, then they arrested him.

"He was probably high on drugs."

The witness is not sure which gang inhabits the pad as he said they seem to have changed recently.

At this point in time no one was believed to have been injured.

A large number of police remained at the scene and were working to clear the address.