Pokemon Go players have been warned of the real-life dangers around them as they use their mobile phones to search for virtual characters in the video game that's sweeping the world.

ACC yesterday issued a tongue-in-cheek warning about the latest craze.

"As Pokemania sweeps across the country, so does the likelihood of injury.

"Whilst minor injuries have already been reported overseas, ACC is yet to receive any Zubat, Pikachu or other Pokemon-related claims - and we don't want you to be the first."


Players were encouraged to use their common sense to stay injury-free, encouraging players to keep their phones at their sides when walking. ACC also advised players to be prepared for the elements while on the hunt for Pokemon creatures, urging them those gripped by Pokemania to stay hydrated, wear good shoes and dress appropriately.

"The Pokemon may be naked, but you shouldn't be. It's cold out there," ACC warned.

The ACC statement follows an official warning released by police, who asked players to watch out for "real-world hazards" while using their phones to hunt Pokemon out in the community.

"Never use your phone while driving, don't step into the road without looking and watch out for others."

Meanwhile, local councils are getting in on the fun, with the Matamata-Piako District Council posting a mock warning to locals.

"Animal Control [has] been inundated with reports of rare Pokemon in our parks and reserves," the post reads. "But all we found were teenage zombies."

The mobile phone game was released in New Zealand last Wednesday.

It's since been released in the United States and Australia.

Some UK residents have reportedly tried to bypass their local servers to access the game on New Zealand and Australian servers, which has caused problems for users here.