A driver who was trapped in a vehicle that had plunged 100m over a cliff road in West Auckland has been found.

The driver was rescued by firefighters near Lone Kauri Rd after an extensive search of the main road leading to Piha Beach this morning.

A search began earlier this morning for a person who had driven off a cliff somewhere on a West Auckland road.

Fire, police and ambulance were travelling along roads in the Waitakere Ranges between Piha and Blockhouse Bay looking for a car that has gone off the road.


The caller was in his car talking to emergency services while they looked for him. He told emergency services he is somewhere on a road that leads to Piha Beach.

Driver survives 100m car plunge off cliff on road to Piha.

A Fire Service spokesman said the caller had no data coverage so was unable to use a mobile locate service. The trapped driver was sounding the car's horn continuously and listening for sirens.

The driver had told emergency services there is only 11 per cent battery left on the cellphone.

The Fire Service said the car was now being secured before the driver was winched to safety.