Analysis of a second-by-second public opinion dial for the leader's debate has revealed the moments viewers backed what each politician was saying and when they disagreed with them.

The Herald's Buzzdial measured viewer sentiment by recording their reactions to talking points during the TV One debate. Participants clicked either "agree" or "disagree" on the dial, which featured at the top of the Herald's live blog for the hour debate.

Data showed there were more than 14,000 participants between 7pm and 8pm, and more than 2.6 million clicks.

Overall people agreed with Labour leader David Cunliffe more than Prime Minister John Key - but reaction depended on what was under discussion.



Cunliffe's peak

: 6137 taps in favour when he spoke of developing KiwiSaver at the 48-minute mark.

Highest point of disagreement: Five minutes and 45-seconds into the debate the Buzzdial dipped when 2624 disagreed with his statement that he would sack Justice Minister Judith Collins if she was in his caucus.

Key's peak: 16 minutes and 55 seconds into the debate, 5923 positive reactions as the PM spoke about falling unemployment and increased job creation.

Highest point of disagreement: When 4078 people disagreed with what Mr Key was saying in answer to a question from a viewer who asked what the PM planned to do about immigrants being employed when New Zealanders couldn't find jobs.