The FBI's second in command dropped in on Attorney General Chris Finlayson for a cup of tea this morning but Mr Finlayson is refusing to say whether Kim Dotcom and the bureau's extradition case against him was discussed.

Mr Finlayson this afternoon confirmed he received a visit from Mark Giuliano who is deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) this morning.

"He's been in Australia, he was on his way home and called in to say good morning to me."

"I discussed with him issues of cybercrime which is what I discussed when I met with the quintet of attorneys general in London recently."


He said the talks this morning were general in nature and issues of copyright infringement around the movie industry were not discussed.

Asked repeatedly whether Dotcom's case was discussed, Mr Finlayson said he would not comment as that matter was before the courts.

Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman said "it seems pretty likely" that Dotcom was discussed.

"You would expect they would give a bit more information about what was discussed but obviously it's a highly sensitive issue for the New Zealand Government and the US Government."

Mr Giuliano, a former FBI swat team leader and counter terrorism expert, was appointed deputy director late last year.