A judge has dismissed a Hamilton woman's defence that a young boy's mother gave him alcohol and not her as "beyond belief".

Lucy Teari Winnie Snowden, 25, was found guilty at the Hamilton District Court this morning of supplying a young boy with alcohol at a skate park following an incident that went viral on youtube in January.

Judge David Ruth dismissed her defence that the boy's mother had supplied him with alcohol and fined her $1,000 plus costs.

Before sentencing her, Judge Ruth told the 25-year-old she had let the boy down.


"You may not have known him but it must have been patently obvious that he was a child," he said.

"You came up with this unlikely story that his mother gave him this alcohol and that is beyond belief."

Judge Ruth wrapped up the Judge-alone trial yesterday but delayed his verdict until this morning.

A video of the 9-year-old boy drinking RTDs at a Fairfield skate park in January went viral after it was posted on Youtube sparking widespread outrage.

Police are investigating after a video emerged which appears to show a boy, reportedly aged 9, so drunk he can barely stand at a Hamilton skate park. Courtesy: YouTube/Bradley GoudieMedia

Hamilton men and Michael King and Kali Tiloi also faced charges for their part in the incident.

Judge Ruth found there was no evidence to show Mr King had supplied the boy with alcohol. He discharged him without conviction yesterday.

Tiloi had earlier pleaded guilty via audio-visual link to the charge of supplying alcohol to a minor.

In a separate appearance to the other defendants he was fined $750 and must pay court costs.

The court heard how the boy had four pre-mixed bourbon and cola drinks and pre-mixed shot, that had an alcoholic content of 20 per cent, on the day.