A mother jailed for child neglect has lost her appeal to have her sentence reduced.

The woman was sent to prison for two years and three months in November last year for neglecting her daughter when she broke her leg and waiting before seeking medical care.

When the 3-year-old girl was taken to Wairarapa Hospital in November 2012 the wound was infected and broken bones were visible.

She was transferred to Hutt Hospital for emergency treatment.


The girl was believed to have a nerve disorder that lessened her ability to feel pain.

She spent 12 weeks at Hutt Hospital and had a steel frame attached to her leg to help it heal.

The broken leg is now 2cm shorter than her other leg and she is likely to have a life-long disability.

The mother appealed to the Court of Appeal seeking a discount on her sentence, saying her young age, difficult background, remorse and early guilty plea should decrease the penalty.

The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal on May 21, saying her age and background couldn't be used as an excuse and that the sentencing judge gave a suitable discount to her sentence for an early guilty plea.

The Court of Appeal said there was no disparity between the mother's sentence and that of her co-offender, who is serving a sentence of 10 months home detention and 200 hours of community work.

The Court of Appeal did not think a further discount to her sentence would be just.