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Two young children have been injured after being struck by a vehicle in Auckland.

One of the two young children struck by a car in Remuera this afternoon has been discharged from hospital.

The other child is in a stable condition, a hospital spokeswoman said.


The two were hit by a car on on Lillington Rd, Remuera, shortly before 3.20pm, police said.

Both were taken to Starship hospital.

The children were reportedly crossing the road at a brow of a hill when a car came over and struck them.

A witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had walked his nephews passed the same spot just minutes before the incident after collecting them from nearby Remuera Primary School.

"We heard the sirens and the police whizzing by."

He spoke to people at the scene, who told him a driver had "come over the brow of the hill and not seen the children and hit them".

"It's pretty horrific," he said.

The children were thought to have been making their way home from Remuera Primary School, which is a short distance away from the crash site.

Traffic on Lillington Rd was often too fast, he said.

"It certainly seems the speeds are far too high around the school, especially at that hill.

"A 30km/h limit for 45 minutes a day [at school finishing time] probably wouldn't really impact people that much, especially if it stops this kind of thing happening."