A Kiwi comedian whose YouTube video went viral has caught the eye of America's Got Talent producers.

Christchurch's David Correos' tutorial on how to dress and twerk like Miley Cyrus was a huge online hit.

To date, it has had more than 800,000 views.

Last Saturday, Correos woke up to find a message on Facebook from Kathleen Erangey, a producer from America's Got Talent, who said she was in search of "one of a kind acts".


Correos replied: "You do realise I'm based in New Zealand? I'd be keen to do it but yeah just thought I should tell you that to begin with."

"Oh, too bad," Erangey replied.

When contacted, Erangey said she couldn't remember who referred Correos but only Americans could appear on the show.

Correos said he "wouldn't do it anyway".

"I just know they'd edit it to make me look like an even bigger freak than I am and then they'd be like, 'You're too weird' ... They'd be laughing at me for the wrong reasons."

Correos started his YouTube channel in 2011 and has since had more than a million hits. Another successful tutorial is "how to be rich", in which he covers himself in $500 worth of $5 notes. It has had more than 450,000 hits.

Asked what he has planned next, Correos said he'd always wanted to meet Michael Buble so was planning on recording a request to the singer.

"I have a tag line called, 'I'd go gay for the Buble'.

"It's not in a sexual thing, I would just love to cook him eggs Benedict while he reads the paper and sings to himself in the morning."