Stories happening around the regions include a Hastings woman discovers what she thought was a grenade in her letterbox, and a Whangarei father and son seek retribution on another family member.

Armed with a shotgun, a Whangarei father and son set out to seek retribution on a relative they believed "narked" on another family member to police.

A Hastings woman who went to check her mail yesterday, discovered what was initially thought to be a grenade inside the letterbox.

It is feared diesel could be found in Manganui o te Ao River, a protected Wanganui site.


A Rotorua man who was dedicated to "alternative living" has lost his house after he was sentenced for cultivating cannabis.

A new life awaits the Masterton woman who fed her children with food she scavenged from dumpsters outside supermarkets.

Tauranga teen Emma Dwight has been accepted into Harvard University who will pay for her entire tertiary study.