Auckland city brothels aren't worried that a new 'mega-brothel' in town will affect their business, but they are calling for private prostitutes to be made illegal.

One central city brothel, One33 Vincent, believes that the approval for a 15 storey 'sex hotel' is positive and they don't believe they will lose clients as a result.

Manager of One33 Vincent, Jacky says other publicly functioning brothels aren't a threat.

She says it is private prostitutes stealing regular clients who do the most damage to their business.


"I don't think privates should be legal in New Zealand. They're the reason why brothels aren't making money. They're the ones stealing clients from parlours and going and doing privates with them. You know, girls coming into parlours, working a couple of nights, taking our clients and going and doing privates in hotels."

Jacky says she's excited by the plans of a new brothel in the city.

"It's something different. We've only got Femme Fatale - that's probably the number one brothel in Auckland at the moment, and to have another one that's going to be brand new and all that, I think that's awesome."