Hamilton homeowner Antoinette van der Weerden's house is warm as toast during winter and cool during summer - and her power bill has come down.

Ms van der Weerden had underfloor and ceiling insulation installed two years ago using the Warm Up New Zealand Scheme and said she and her two children noticed the difference straight away.

"It's not a super house or anything but it feels like a cosy little nest now ... it just feels like a home. It's really yummy and warm and they love being there. We used to live in a very draughty old house in Old Farm Rd and the shift was incredible."

She had also noticed their piano didn't pick up moisture any more as the keys didn't stick.


The solo mother's power bill has also fallen from $180 a month before having her house insulated to between $100 and $120. She said the heat came into her north-facing home from the sun and the insulation kept it warm.

Her Claudelands home was built in 1982 from plaster board and the cost of insulation would have been between $1200 and $1600 once her Community Services discount of 60 per cent was included. However, the landscape design tutor managed to secure one of the few grants entitling her to free installation. "I really didn't have to do anything and these two guys came and put the insulation in. It was kind of like a miracle you know, all free, done."