It's something that we've always suspected: Aussie blokes don't measure up to Kiwis.

On the rugby field, Aussies have long been jealous of the towering All Blacks. At the Olympics Australia was forced to claim Kiwi medallists as "Australasians" to prop up their drooping medal count.

And now, provocative research has revealed something even the most hardened Ockers will find hardest of all to take - New Zealand men have bigger willies.

The average Kiwi penis is apparently 13.9cm when erect - on par with British blokes and ahead of the Australians (13.2cm), Americans (12.9cm) and the Irish (12.7cm). Koreans have the smallest at a tiddling 9.6cm.


But while we may trouser the masculine equivalent of the Bledisloe Cup, New Zealand men do not have too much to crow about on the world stage, coming only 78th out of 113 nationalities.

The men of Africa's Republic of Congo are best equipped at 18cm. In Europe, Icelanders are the best endowed at 16.5cm.

The research has been conducted by Richard Lynn, professor of psychology at Ulster University, who says the findings back up previous theories of "race differences in penis length".

However, critics say the controversial professor's research, published in scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences, is flawed because he gathers his data from websites and that is unreliable.

Lynn's previous research has claimed men have higher IQs than women. But his latest findings make it seem certain that this is the research he will be remembered for. And we won't be letting the Aussies forget it.