Scott Guy's father says the full truth did not come out in the trial for the murder of his son.

"There are unanswered questions as to who did kill Scott. Everybody's got their ideas but we don't really know the truth," Bryan Guy told One News.

"Justice was seen to be served at the trial but we didn't necessarily get the full truth out of that, perhaps."

He said he had not spoken to Ewen Macdonald, his son-in-law who was acquitted of the murder, since his arrest more than a year ago.


Macdonald admitted to other charges laid against him, including arson and vandalism that had been targeted at Scott Guy and his wife, Kylee.

"There's trust that's been lost, and there's pain and hurt from that," Bryan Guy said.

"But again, we don't want to focus on that. We've got to get past that.

"If we dwell on that we're going to be bitter and twisted old people."

Bryan's wife, Jo Guy, has come to wear a locket containing a photo of her slain son. She said the two years since Scott's murder had been a long process of learning to cope.

"Just let go. We just have to let it go. Let it go, let it go," she said.

"Sometimes a wave washes over you and you're dragged into the despair of it. And then it passes. And I think it passes a little bit easier now.

"Some days I was crying, crying, crying. It's different now, but it does feel like there's something missing."

- Staff reporter