It's not often a Department of Conservation marine ranger gets a call about a seal pup wearing a G-string in a location called Lovers Leap.

But it's made for one of Jim Fyfe's better work stories.

The department was told of a seal in strife near the Otago Peninsula coastal arch Lovers Leap on Friday afternoon.

Mr Fyfe met another DOC staff member and scrambled off down the bank to help the seal.


Though concerned about impending darkness, the pair freed the seal of a G-string stuck around its neck.

"We got it early enough. Quite possibly, given that it was fabric, it would have rotted off, but you can never tell. We usually don't have a second chance when people see things; if we leave it any length of time the animal would be gone," he said.

When it came to work stories this was "one of the better ones".

He advised people discarding items that "if it forms a loop, cut it".