Fonterra Brands New Zealand (FBNZ) has recalled more Mainland cheese products after a metal fragment was found in one pack.

Three products were initially recalled on Tuesday but this has been extended after it was found that a small amount of the relevant cheese was blended and processed into individually wrapped slices, FBNZ marketing general manager Dominic Quin said.

"We believe that the risk is minimal, as with our initial recall on Tuesday."

There has only been one report of a metal fragment in the cheese.


The products that have now been recalled are:

Mainland Tasty Block 500g

- Best Before date of 28 March 2012 (Batches JI and JE)

Mainland Tasty Block 700g

- Best before date of 28 April 2012 (Batch JF)

Mainland Tasty Block 1kg

- Best before date of 28 December 2011 (Batch BD)

- Best before date of 28 January 2012 (Batches AB, AC and AD)

- Best before date of 28 February 2012 (Batch BF)

Mainland Cracked Pepper Processed Slices 250g

- Best before date of 25 May 2012

- Best before date of 26 May 2012

- Best before date of 27 May 2012

People who have bought these products can return them for a refund of call 0800 256 257 for more information.