It was in 2015 that Faraniko Pei went on a shooting rampage in Palmerston North, targeting police stations.

His reason was he thought his sister Edna was not receiving adequate care from MidCentral District Health Board.

Now, for the first time, Edna has spoken out about the ordeal.

"As a child I was always told, or treated for severe asthma. At the age of 11, I was diagnosed by Greenlane Hospital with bronchiectasis which is a lung disease, which basically means there is a whole bunch of holes in your lungs and it breeds bacteria," says Miss Pei.


Over the next 30 years, Edna's health declined to the point where she couldn't stay away from hospital, for more than a month.

Her brother laid a complaint with police that fell on deaf ears.

"To have gone in and then be rebuffed like that, is ultimately you know, it's an ultimate rejection of oh my gosh, I went in and to bat for someone and what - you think I'm making it up?" says Miss Pei.

Edna says when you're sick the smallest battles are the hardest, and she shouldn't have been made to feel like the hospital wasn't on her side.

"I still even now to this day have trouble going to any appointments at MidCentral. I do hold them accountable for a lot of what has happened and for making me struggle," says Miss Pei.

Edna says that reluctantly after many conversations, her doctor finally referred her to the transplant centre in Greenlane.

Eight months later, she got a new pair of lungs and with them, a new lease on life.

"I just want to go to discos. I want to go to first birthdays, first days of school, you know, those sorts of things. That's what I'm all about," says Miss Pei.

She says she feels guilty over what her brother did for her, but will be there waiting for him, on the day he is released.

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