Spring is in the air and so is a great celebration.

A group of Whangarei friends have banded together for a second year in a row to create the Spring Blast.

One of the organisers John Peterson said tickets were selling well but there was room for more.

"We are going to get another great cowd. There will be plenty of bubbly for everyone," Mr Peterson said.


The event is a fundraiser for the Northland Brain injury Association, which helps about 150 Northlanders a year deal with their injury.

The association has been operating for about 18 years in the region but struggles to survive on grants and donations.

Mr Peterson along with Liz Davies and Barry Cooper are the driving trio behind the Spring Blast to be staged at Forum North on October 1.

Brain injuries can be caused by a sudden impact to the head from car crashes, violence, falls or sporting injuries. Other causes include health-related incidents such as strokes, meningitis, brain tumours and chemical brain injuries as a result of poisoning by drugs, alcohol, gases, solvents and pesticides.

Typical difficulties are memory problems, fatigue, balance problems and cognitive impairment, which affects the ability to think, concentrate and formulate ideas.

The Brain Injury Association in Whangarei provides support, information and advocacy.

The Spring Blast is billed as an evening of music, cold drinks, fantastic food and entertainment. If you are interested contact John on 027 439 3030.