Cassette Emo


Herald rating: * * * *

The debut offering by the trio which includes HLAH'S Tom Watson is a humdinger, six tracks of hangover-friendly, lo-fi country rock. Fuzzy, twangy tunes that variously remind of the likes of Sparklehorse, Beck in cowpoke mode and the old whiner himself, Neil Young.

Opening track Change My Mind is the brightest gem of the bunch, nicely coloured by guest player Glenn Campbell's pedal steel. The balance keep up the rustic charm factor throughout.

TrinityRoots: TrinityRoots


Herald rating: * * * *

On their debut four-tracker, this Wellington four-piece deliver an assured line in soulpop songs which match reggae and drum'n'bass rhythmic urges to their chilled moods. Little Things swings sweetly by on both of its mixes, Nothing to Be Loved matches skittery electronics, reggae stomp and hazy harmonies to smart effect, while Better Man gets nicely lost in its own trip-hop fog.

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