One man got a bit more than he expected when he tried to get a picture with Mia Khalifa.

The man from San Antonio, Texas, snapped a selfie with the ex-porn star without asking.

The Lebanese adult actress then decided to punch the 20-year-old man in the face, but he didn't seem to be too upset by it.

Under the username @FourthTigerClaw, the man posted Khalifa's unwanted picture and a picture of his bruised face to Twitter on Friday night.


"Got a pic with Mia Khalifa and she punched me in the face and left a bruise," he wrote, followed by two laughing emojis.

As of Tuesday night, the tweet has since been liked at least 9000 times and retweeted at least 3700 times.

Other Khalifa fans responded by posting their own pictures with Khalifa - without any injuries.

On Sunday @modest_maya tweeted in response: "Can't relate lol".

She included a friendly selfie she had taken with Khalifa, that the star was clearly ready for.

Another user @A_M1LL1 added, "Same here. Can't Relate lol"'. He also included a smiling selfie with Khalifa.

Khalifa even got involved in the conversation on Monday, replying to @modest_maya's tweet.

She wrote: "You were the sweetest. Thank you for asking me nicely rather than jumping in front of me while I was walking & shoving a cam in my face."

The former porn star is known for publicly humiliating former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly last year.

She posted screengrabs on Twitter of the 23-year-old football player's attempts to seduce her by repeatedly asking her to FaceTime him.