Type A personality? You'll hate this place. Which is a pity, as Francesca's does really great pizza, just in its own sweet time. We've had takeaway from here about half a dozen times and the routine is always the same. Ring up (no website, but the menu is on Facebook and Zomato), place your order, and wait. Usually you are told it will be about 30 minutes.

You've waited 30 minutes. You arrive and park right out front in one of the two car spaces (which always seem to be free), or just down the road. But here's what you really need to know. When you arrive, the very nice owner will ask you what you ordered, and tell you that it will be a couple of minutes. Let's just say his version of two minutes is not in any way related to a stopwatch's idea of two minutes. It's more like a slow-food aficionado's idea of two minutes. Realistically, you're looking at another 20-30 minutes before your pizza is ready. Bring your phone, bring a book, finish your PhD ... or just think of it as a cheap mini-break away from your kids.

We got our usual: a Francesca's Choice (tomato, mozzarella, spinach, salami, eggplant and chilli) and a Pulcinella (tomato, mozzarella, sausage, feta and rocket), both medium size, $18 each. The base of the pizza is quite soft; I usually fold it all up and eat it like a calzone, but it works. This is fantastic, authentic, wood-fired pizza. They've nailed what flavours play well together, and importantly, it's really filling. Two-to-three slices tops and you're done (and the leftovers the next day are even better after a quick crisp-up in the oven).



Francesca's Pizza
201 Pt Chevalier Rd, Pt Chevalier

Ph: (09) 846 5303