After a dramatic 55 kilo gram weight-loss, Christchurch-born Elora Harre is sharing her advice and tips in a bid to help and motivate others struggling with their own healthy lifestyle journey.

In 2013, the food and wellness blogger was just 19-years-old when she turned to Google to find a medical conclusion that matched the symptoms she was suffering from.

"I was morbidly obese, I was getting bad headaches all the time, I was getting sore eyes.

"I thought I might have Type 2 Diabetes, so that really was the thing that spurred me on. You hear those people that talk about a switch that kind of goes off and that was it for me. "


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The Shrinking Violet
about 7 months ago

One year ago today I went under the knife to remove 2.5kg of excess skin! And what an amazing year it has been! 😍

Last year, I had lost 55kg (125lbs) naturally and as a result was left with horrendous excess skin right across my body. Having been denied public funding to remove excess skin that was causing me great medical issues, Dr. Cat Begovic came to my rescue and DONATED her services to do an extended abdominoplasty on me.

With the help of my followers as well as donati...ons from strangers across the world, I was able to fly over to Dr Begovic and have the operation that changed my life.

Seeing my belly button, without having to move skin/fat out of the way, for the first time in 10 years was pretty damn incredible and not being able to feel my excess skin resting on my thighs when I sat down was an entirely new sensation.

I still have plenty of excess skin to be removed, and hope to get that done with Dr Begovic next year, however I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Dr Begovic, my family, friends and last but not least, you; my followers. Thank you for helping to change my life!


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Now 23, Harre says she is happier, more confident but most importantly, healthy.

In her first year of making a lifestyle change for the better Harre lost 40 kilo grams, losing another 15 kilos in 2014.

She credits a paleo diet, exercise and determination.

"I started with clean-eating and I really enjoyed that but I was still really searching for the thing that fit. You've got to choose what suits you and I had been doing cross-fit for a wee while and heard "paleo" being thrown around.

"Basically it went from there. Six months went by and I was fully paleo. I had made a goal back in January when I started losing weight - that I wanted to lose 20kgs by my 20th birthday in October... I text a friend a week before and told them "'It's my birthday next week and I've lost 32 kilos.' It's been an incredible journey."

In 2015 Harre travelled to the United States for a tummy tuck to remove excess skin.

"Dr Begovic saw a story about me that went semi viral after I showed my excess skin here on Facebook and donated her services."

Although technically the surgery itself was cost-free, the entirety of the trip wasn't.

"I paid for OR and anaesthetic costs as well as flights and accommodation.

"I think the whole trip cost me around $18,000 NZD from memory. My followers donated $14,000 and I paid for my boyfriend at the time to come out of my own money too."

It was worth it though, "It changed my life" she said.


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The Shrinking Violet
about 6 months ago

Protein Breakfast Bowl with a little friend 🐱

Her Facebook page 'The Shrinking Violet' has over 40,000 likes and Harre has just released a book.

Her tips include making permanent changes and avoid procrastinating.

"It has to be a lifestyle change, people talk about it all the time but it has to be permanent, you can't sort of do something for a little while and then go back to old habits, because you'll end up sick again or unhappy so definitely have to make a lifestyle change, the best place to start is food, food is 80% of body composition.

"Start now. Start as soon as you are motivated, don't wait til Monday, don't wait til the next month, "start now, the next meal" is always my motto - you've got to strike while the iron's hot and when you've got that motivation."


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The Shrinking Violet
about 7 months ago

Feeling super lean this week and I honestly attribute it to feeling far more relaxed about my food.

It's pretty amazing how much a difference mindset around food makes!

I was in two minds about cropping this image because well, it's excess skin and stretch marks galore! But I'm making a conscious decision to care less! Gives you guys a good idea of how bad my armpit and upper back/side excess skin is anyway 😜