"I would like to wish all fathers — even the haters and losers — a very happy Father's Day," tweeted Donald Trump a couple of years back. All encompassing, generous ... the Don's message surely nailed the essence of Father's Day. And so, in a similar spirit of inclusivity, here's a gift guide for every dad — young or old, rich or poor, dream or dud — so that he can celebrate the entire day in style.

Even after the traditional sleep-in, he still might need perking up. So pump him full of caffeine with his own personal espressomaker. Not so much the big daddy of coffee machines (more like a perfect little mini-me), Nespresso's CitiZ&milk, $499, has been given a sleek, new redesign making it even more compact. nespresso.com

Diehard traditionalists, please ditch the unoriginal soap-and-shaving-cream smellies this year in favour of something different. A bloke-friendly facial sunscreen by Kiwi skincare brand Triumph & Disaster should do the trick. Dad's skin might be a bit thicker than Mum's (and perhaps a little oilier) but it is still skin and therefore equally in need of protection. Show him you care with Triumph & Disaster's No Dice Sunscreen, $55, which has an SPF50 and won't turn him white like Marcel Marceau or worse — according to its website — make him smell like a pineapple. triumphanddisaster.com

Before he even thinks of getting dressed in his favourite sweatpants, whip out the new ones you've brought him. "Sportswear will always have a strong influence on men's wardrobes," says Canvas fashion editor Dan Ahwa. "The trick is to try and separate your actual gym gear from clothes you can wear out at the weekend, like a relaxed bomber jacket or a pair of sweatpants teamed with a smart top or shoes." To best navigate the trend, he says, look towards youth subcultures for inspiration (even better when you've lived it). "This provides a certain nostalgia and authenticity — so look to the revival of classic sportswear brands such as Reebok, Fila and Vans. A hooded sweatshirt, for example, works well layered underneath a relaxed jacket, track pants and trainers for a smart nod to sport." Country Road Rib Sweat Pant, $99. countryroad.com.au


Mums get flowers on Mother's Day. But dads? Kelly Karam from Blush, one of Auckland's prettiest florist shops, isn't exactly anticipating a big rush, but, she says, "Despite the fact that flowers are predominately sent to women, we do get the occasional order for men." How do they react? "We're told they love it. There is a certain drama that comes with receiving flowers and it shouldn't be an experience reserved just for women. It's almost more special for a man because it is rare." Want to get Dad something different this year? Karam suggests a phalaenopsis orchid, $190, for his office, already planted in a charcoal glass vase. blush.co.nz

Every man should own a classic pair of sneakers. And Common Projects are, quite simply, worn by the most stylish men in the world. Thanks to the likes of Kanye West and handsome Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, the footwear brand's popularity has grown from cult to "full-blown religion" in the past few years, its sleek styles — particularly the Achilles — as recognisable as top-sellers from Nike or Adidas. Increase Dad's hip factor by buying him a pair of leather-top Common Projects Retro Low Achilles sneakers, $649, from Workshop. And then take him for out to brunch to show them/him off. workshop.co.nz

Eggs benny down the hatch, it may be time to push Dad out the door for a run. This he can do in style in his new Skins running gear. A pair of Skins DNAmic Long Tights in Glitch Camo, $170, and the matching Long Sleeve Top, $120, will keep him sleek and contained while he's pounding the pavement. Bonus: the special compression fabric the gear is made from will not only increase oxygen delivery to his muscles but also reduce lactic acid build-up when he slows down. Should he be the type who easily gets lost, he can also track himself on his new GPS Suunto Spartan Ultra watch, $1048. skins.net

Auckland has no end of hip places to treat Dad to lunch. Burger craving? Buy him a Winner/Winner Burger (crispy fried chicken, streaky bacon and American cheddar with special sauce) at one of Corner Burger's Auckland two venues — Greenwoods Corner and Mt Eden. Yum-char-lovers should head to Epsom's Grand Park Chinese Seafood Restaurant for dim sum. Fancy something a bit fancy? Steak and frites at ParisButter in Herne Bay should hit the spot. And as he's walking out the door give him his cool new Secrid mini-wallet, slimline but with still enough space for credit cards, money, receipts, business cards and a few coins. Not that he will be footing the bill, of course ... Secrid Card Protector, from $135, at Askew. cornerburger.co.nz, grandparkrestaurant.co.nz
parisbutter.co.nz, askew.co.nz

He may still be full from lunch but that won't stop him dipping into his new Darth Vader biscuit jar. Made from food-grade plastic and actually called a storage head, this large black piece of whimsy is perfect for the dad who has almost everything. If he doesn't have a sweet tooth, he can always use it to store all manner of important bits and bobs. Darth Vader Head, $69.90, also from Askew. askew.co.nz

By now Dad's probably exhausted from all the attention, so he might need a good cuppa and a lie-down. You could also light him up with a new Abbey Rose candle. Made in New Zealand with environment/allergy friendly ingredients, the brand's bloke-friendly choices include Apollo (sandalwood, citrus, musk), Corsican (cyclamen, pine, spice) and Havana Nights (patchouli, tobacco, jasmine, geranium). Abbey Rose candles, $45 and $75 each. But should he need more than a whiff of aromatherapeutic essences to nudge him into the land of nod, you can always point him to the meditation app you've already downloaded on to his phone. The Mindfulness App from the i-Tunes store is a good one. It's also free. abbeyrosecandles.co.nz

Suitably restored, he's now ready for a glittering display of affection from you. This comes in the form of a limited-edition gold Eames House Bird, $1949. Hand-made from gold leaf by artisans using tweezers, it comes with its own certificate of authenticity. Only 1000 were produced and Corso De' Fiori has just the one. corso.co.nz

In the same spirit of exclusivity, introduce him to his next gift — a new Thomas Mason shirt tailored especially for him at Auckland's Crane Brothers. Made in Italy, it will take a few weeks after measuring up for the artisanal piece to land back in New Zealand but the wait will be worth it: hand-embroidered monogramming, hand-felled shoulders, hand-made buttons... Prices start at $345. crane-brothers.com

Time check. It may be a bit pricy but the latest Tag Heuer with its black titanium frame and skeleton dial is an investment in style. It's also spokes-modelled by Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01, $8364, from Timmermans Jewellers. timmermansjewellers.com

When designer John Varvatos launched his fall/winter 2016 collection he did so with a multi-media experience that included models wearing animal heads lunging bizarrely at attendees. But as surreal as that was, there's nothing odd about Varvatos' lauded male fragrance range. Dark Rebel, a memorable blend of woody notes, rum, leather and black pepper, recently took home two top awards at the prestigious France Foundation Awards. Dad will love the spunky bottle too. John Varvatos Dark Rebel, EDT spray, $175 (125ml). Stockists nationwide.

With the sun now well and truly over the yard arm, it's surely time for a wee dram? Pour him a slug or two in one of his new Tom Dixon Tank Low Ball Glasses, $175 for two, from Simon James. Made from mouth-blown glass ornamented with copper they have a very James Bondish-feel (despite the fact they are completely wrong for a vodka martini). While you are at it, pop in a few Whisky Stones, $45 for 12, from Askew. Made from recycled soapstone, these sophisticated rocks chill any drink without diluting it and are perfect for a dad who likes his whisky straight up. simonjamesdesign.com

Speaking of James Bond, what could be a more memorable last gift for dad than possibly the most famous chair ever captured on film? Well, not the actual one (since that sold for more than $22,000 back in 2014) but the same manly model of black leather swivel chair James Bond sat in when he faced down a gun-toting Helga Brandt in You Only Live Twice. (Super-villain Blofeld and his trademark white cat even more memorably employed it in the same 1967 movie.) Dubbed "the world's most comfortable chair" the GPlan 62, $4200, available at Karakter, has distinctive wings, soft-foam cushioning and a buttoned back. Cool. Very cool. karakter.co.nz