Cat owners in Britain have been expressing their Brexit opinions on Twitter, enlisting the help of their pets.

The stakes are high as British citizens head to the polls to decide whether the country should stay in the European Union or leave it.

Over the last seven days, cats opposed to leaving the EU are winning the tweet-battle with nearly 54,000 tweets, according to the New York Times.

Cat tweets in favour of leaving the European Union numbered around 2,300, with the dog tweets split 1,400 against to 700 for leaving.


Tweeters used their pets to touch on some of the important issues of the debate, including economy and immigration. These were an entertaining exercise in exploring the the differences on the scale of opinion surrounding the vote.

Some pets turned to prayer at what must be a confusing time for the critters.

Other pets explained concerns about employment were part of the reasoning behind their opinion on the matter

said her cat feared she could be sent packing at any moment: "Chaka is 19 & part Persian. She worries she might be deported if Boris knows where Persia is."

On the other side of the debate, Daniel Hannan, a member of the Conservative Party and the European Parliament, brought out the big guns and enlisted the support of the famed Grumpy Cat.