They may have sold out within minutes, but Kylie Jenner's lip kit customers have been left disappointed by her much-hyped makeup line.

Several of the 18-year-old's fans have taken to Twitter to share images of faulty applicator wands from the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits.

One of the first to speak out about the fault was Califorinian beauty vlogger Jeffree Star.

Sharing an image of his frayed brush, he wrote: "So disappointed in this product, that wand is unacceptable.


"'No shade but... How the f*** can a multi million dollar celebrity think this is acceptable? Was there no quality control?"

He claimed the product was brand new, "straight out of the box" when he noticed the problem.

Another user likened the frayed brush to the wild hair of a doll on the children's cartoon Rugrats.

Jenner was quick to respond to complaints, taking to Twitter to ensure fans that she was aware of the issue. She said only a small number of lip glosses with the faulty applicators had been made.

"So good or bad, I love hearing your feedback. When I saw the problem with my lip gloss brushes I stopped all production and changed it", she wrote.

"Only a small amount of the old brushes were sold and we have been sending new ones for anyone that has had an issue."

She later confirmed any customer who had received a faulty brush would be sent a new and improved one.

Fans have since responded, applauding Jenner for her swift action.

Since the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan's lip kits were launched on April 1, the product has sold out with every restock, usually within minutes.