and it turns out Kiwis spend a lot more time indulging than the worldwide average.

On a per capita basis Kiwis are the fifth most regular visitors to website PornHub, behind the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland and ahead of Norway, Iceland, Australia, Sweden and Denmark.

But Kiwis are not ones to let porn mess with their rugby- watching habits the website reports the number of viewers from New Zealand dropping 47 per cent during the 2015 Rugby World Cup final.

Interestingly, more women appreciate porn in the land of the long white cloud than in most other countries, with 35 per cent of Kiwi visitors to PornHub being female, according to the site.


Kiwis spend an average of nine minutes and 37 seconds on PornHub, 21 seconds longer than the worldwide average length.

In Gisborne, that time increases by 27 seconds, with viewers putting aside more than 10 minutes on average each time they visit the site.

But Kiwis lag well behind the Philippines, which sits in pole position with its porn viewers spending an average of 12 minutes and 45 seconds on the site, while our neighbours in Australia sit just a second behind us, at 9m 36s.

At the other end of the stick, Cuban porn watchers spend the shortest amount of time on the site, which each visit averaging 5m 11s.

The higher-than-average number of visits from New Zealand women to the site puts us in the top 10 countries in this category.

Central American and Caribbean countries had the highest proportion of women viewers, with Jamaica topping the list at 44 per cent, followed by Nicaragua (40 per cent), Honduras (39 per cent) Ecuador (39 per cent), Bahamas (38 per cent), Panama (37 per cent), Costa Rica (36 per cent) and Dominican Republic (36 per cent), followed by New Zealand and South Africa on 35 per cent.

The top three most searched terms by Kiwi women users were "lesbian", "Kim Kardashian", and "threesome".

According to the site, women in New Zealand were 65 per cent more likely to view the "MILF" category, 41 per cent more likely to view the Asian category and 29 per cent more likely to view the Indian category.

While on holiday, Kiwis tend to visit PornHub less often.

Traffic to the site dropped by 54 per cent on New Year's Eve 2014, and was down 35 per cent on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day the drop was 28 per cent.

But the downward trend on holidays was not always the case, with visits to the site increasing by 16 per cent on Labour Day.

Worldwide, the biggest decrease in traffic on New Year's Eve was in Sweden, with a drop of 71 per cent, followed by Belgium at 70 per cent and Netherlands at 66 per cent.

The decrease in Australia was by only 10 per cent on the last day of the year.

In other worldwide trends, the number of searches containing Game of Thrones spiked when the fantasy TV show's first and last episodes aired on United States channel HBO.

The first episode of 2015 aired on April 13, after which searches spiked by almost 200 per cent. Similarly, on the day of the finale June 15 searches spiked by 212 per cent.

Searches containing Star Wars also peaked with the release of the latest instalment of the science fiction franchise in the US, increasing a whopping 1854 per cent around December 18, 2015 release date of The Force Awakens.

New Zealanders' porn habits in 2015:

Most popular day:


Least popular day: Friday

Most popular time to watch: 10pm to 11pm

Average time spent per visit: 9 minutes and 37 seconds.

Female viewers: 35 per cent, compared to 23 per cent worldwide.

Worldwide rank for visitors to Porn Hub: 38

Most searched term: Lesbian. Worldwide, the top search for women in 2015 was "lesbian", while for men it was "step mom".

NZ viewers' age groups:


35 per cent

25-34: 25 per cent

35-44: 17 per cent

45-54: 11 per cent

55-64: 7 per cent

65+: 5 per cent

NZ porn viewers' platform of choice:


53 per cent

Desktop: 34 per cent

Tablet: 13 per cent

Porn around the world, 2015:

Bandwidth used:

1892 petabytes, the equivalent of filling every iPhone sold in 2015 with porn.

Hours of porn watched: 4,392,486,580

Number of videos viewed: 87,849,731,608, the equivalent of 12 videos per person on earth.

Number of visits: 21.2 billion.

Highest proportion of worldwide traffic: US