Address: 20a Link Drive, Glenfield
Herald Rating:

The menu

was fairly standard for both brunch and the all-day lunch options. Ordering was done at the counter from the blackboard.

The look was quite tidy for a small, narrow space. There are seats out the front under cover, but on a cold and gloomy Sunday nobody was keen, thus the cafe was full.

The food was delivered in good time, considering the busy day. We ordered bacon hash mushrooms ($18.50) - a nicely presented stack of field mushrooms in sauce, bacon cooked to perfection and housemade hashbrowns; and a farmhouse breakfast with all the usual trimmings - bacon and egg (poached), sausages, tomatoes and the house hashbrown ($19.50) and a side of baked beans ($4). The latter didn't meet expectations, whereas my BHM stack was very tasty. The baked goods, quiches and salads in the cabinet looked enticing too.


The coffee was - of course - Sierra and while the decoration on the flat white was less than successful, the mochaccino's artwork was impressive. We were told they use chocolate buttons in the mocha and in hot chocolates, so a good stir was required. Both beverages were average.

The service was fine, although there was confusion in the kitchen over who the side order was for - luckily not served on the plate but in a little jug.

Overall Sierra Glenfield is fine for a coffee stop when doing the rounds of the home renovation stores that are rife in Wairau Park, but I wouldn't make a special trip for a brunch.