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It's school holidays so get the kids on to cooking dinner for the family this week.

Not just a quick, simple weeknight meal but some slow-cooked lamb shanks with lots of gravy served on a bed of creamy, buttery polenta followed by a steamed golden pudding with real custard. Or, better still, pack them off and get them to make dinner for their grandparents - they'll be impressed they even know what a steamed pudding is, never mind how to make one! In this week's Bite magazine Geoff Scott has given very clear step-by-step instructions that older kids will be able to follow on their own; younger kids might need help with some of the tricker parts.

Make sure they grown-ups do their part by setting the table - the way he kids want it - and to do the clearing and washing up. And, if you get a chance, take a photo and email it to us at - a shot of the kids cooking or the finished dishes on the table - we'd love to see them and there may even be a prize for our favourite.

Another fun holiday project is making marshmallows which are quick and easy (thanks to the Kenwood KMix). The mess happens once you start creating them into things such as marshmallowpuffs and buzz bars and mallow icey sliceys.. the options are endless.


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