A gold iPhone 5s, a $600 keyboard and an inflatable remote-controlled dolphin were some of the unwanted gifts that flooded Trade Me on Christmas Day.

A search for "unwanted gifts" or "unwanted Christmas presents" revealed hundreds of results on the auction site, with jewellery and women's clothing proving abundant.

On most of the listings, the sellers were quick to admit they were trying to cash in on Christmas gifts that didn't quite hit the mark, including women's dresses, leather miniskirts and black lacy lingerie.

In one auction, listed as "worst Christmas present ever?", Noel from Rotorua was trying to get rid of a box of "New Zealand's favourite" biscuits, which could be picked up for 50c.


The biscuits, which Noel got "in return for an unsolicited act of kindness to a stranger", were six months past their use-by date and "stale, broken and melted".

The seller lists possible uses for the biscuits as bird food, a door stop, a diet-aid and gift to offer unwelcome Christmas visitors.