Greig Morgan's nifty idea puts an end to soggy bath mats.

As an alternative to the towelling bath mat of old, this wooden slat mat couldn't be easier to make, or more elegant. It's not too soon to be thinking about Christmas presents, and this would make a perfect gift for the person who has almost everything.

Step 1 Measure and mark a series of 45x20mm slats with the aid of a square, and cut along the waste side of the pencil line. I cut eight lengths at 600mm to give me the desired effect.

Step 2 Starting at the front, lay the slats out with the aid of a spacer to help give a nice uniform spacing. I used a scrap piece of 7mm MDF.

Step 3 With the slat spacings all set out, measure and cut three support slats (45x20mm) to the same length.


Step 4 Remove all sharp edges on the slats, then round off at the ends with 80 grit sandpaper, before applying a primer undercoat. Sand lightly between top coats.

Step 5 With the paint dry, line the slats together and flush at the ends. Now measure and mark 20mm in at either end and mark the centre. These are for the placement of the support slats.

Step 6 Mark the centre points of the support slats and drill 4.5mm holes to these marks.

Step 7 With the slats still placed out, line and fix the support slats to the holes, ensuring they're flush at the ends and to the pencil marks. Repeat Step 2 until complete.

Tip: Set the clutch on the screw gun for the screw head to sit just below the surface.

45x20mm pine
28x8g galvanised or stainless screws
80 and 150 grit sandpaper
Primer paint
Top coat paint

Safety wear
Mitre saw and sharp handsaw
Tape measure and pencil
Screw gun
4.5mm drill bit