If you're going to drive your Chevy to the levy, don't forget to pack a picnic.

1. Pecan pie
As American as the Stars and Stripes but infinitely tastier, and you can buy these babies online, to be delivered in a box with a big red, white and blue bow. $70.

2. Burger alarm
455 New North Rd, Kingsland, (09) 849 4590.
Handmade Burgers pride themselves on their product. With names like Yolko Uno, Larry, Curly and Moe, these burgers will put a smile on your face. And there's even a drive-through option too.

3. The American Hotdog
Ollie's Burgers & Ice Cream, 802 Manukau Rd , Royal Oak. (09) 625 7705.
The only way you'll catch us eating dog. Also, be sure to note, the burgers and icecream sundaes at this American-style diner are brilliant as well.


4. Spare Ribs
For Lone Star locations visit the website. Redneck Ribs are lip-smackingly good, whether you go for the half dozen, a neat nine, or the full rib-swelling 12. Greasy fingers guaranteed.