Roberto Cavalli's new scent is a tribute to his mother who "adored perfume".

The designer explained that he wanted to create a "special fragrance" and put a lot of time and effort into finding the right combination.

Created from notes of orange flower, roasted Tonka bean and peppercorn for a spicy hint, the eponymous perfume is a homage to the fashion legend's late mother.

"She adored perfume," he told US publication People.


"She used to buy the most horrible, cheap perfume. It was strong, strong perfume. I like mine because it is soft, delicate not too much."

Cavalli revealed the challenges he met when choosing the key notes of his perfume.

"At the beginning they gave me a lot of small bottles and I didn't know which one to choose because one was too sweet and the other one was too ... " he explained, trailing off.

Cavalli also revealed what type of woman he envisions wearing his scent.

Described as a "sexy, feminine, aggressive" fragrance, the Italian designer named Latin American diva Jennifer Lopez as his ideal customer.

"It's for a woman full of energy," he explained.

"I can see Jennifer singing and dancing with my perfume. I would love that."