One of the country's top international models has suffered a potentially career-ending broken nose during an ugly night club clash.

Michael Whittaker has modelled overseas for Dior, Diesel, Calvin Klein.

But his nose was broken in two places during the brawl at Club 420 on Karangahape Rd, his brother Stephen Whittaker said yesterday.

The incident happened at the after party for Stolen Girlfriends Club, one of the labels at New Zealand Fashion Week, on September 23. His nose was reset on Friday.

Michael Whittaker said he was in pain after the operation on Friday and couldn't talk.

Stephen Whittaker said he was unsure who had attacked his brother.

"I was pretty upset at the time as you can expect.

"It was quite an exclusive party for the modelling industry, which is pretty closed."

Stephen Whittaker said a big stocky Polynesian began talking to his brother in the middle of the club.

"I couldn't hear what they were saying because it was in the middle of the club. That's what made it even more unreal and unexpected, you know. I mean no one does that in the middle of the club, you know."

Stephen Whittaker said the man talking to Michael hit him without warning.

"His [attacker's] body language appeared fine and Mike said he was fine but all of sudden he snapped for some reason."

"Mike's hands were held back so he was getting quite a hiding. I don't think anyone thought this guy would go as hard as he did."

Stephen Whittaker said he was unsure if his brother could go back to modelling.

Police were investigating the attack, he said.

Michael Whittaker's manager, Marama Nicholas, refused to let the Herald on Sunday interview him yesterday.

He said the incident was disgusting.

"It's not very good at all and not the nicest of circumstances. It is a pity for something like that to have happened here in New Zealand."

Nicholas said Whittaker was an amazing model. "He is one of the bigger guys to come out of New Zealand. He is a really lovely guy, too."

Club 420 manager Temi Uhu said he had spoken to staff and none were aware Whittaker had been punched. He did not believe there was an incident.