Prime Minister Bill English visited the newly opened Our Lady of Kapiti School on Thursday.

Mr English, joined by Otaki MP Nathan Guy, walked through parts of the school chatting to staff and pupils.

In one classroom, pupils had been doing a bit of research on the internet about the Prime Minister.

"Some of it will be fake news," Mr English quipped.


He was keen to find out what facts they had discovered though.

One said he was the 39th Prime Minister of New Zealand which was correct.

Asked what his favourite subject at school was, Mr English said, "I suppose it was English" which generated giggles.

"I liked writing things," he added.

What was his favourite music?

"I like any music my kids make. Sometimes it's pretty awful but I still like it.

"I also like Split Enz.

"Who has heard of Split Enz?"

Another asked if he could do a front and back flip.

"Prime Ministers are pretty amazing and can do anything.

"They just don't always like being seen doing it," he tactfully said.

Who was his idol?

Mr English pointed to the classroom teacher Geoff Mettrick [his brother-in-law] which pupils thought was cool.

Mr English's favourite sport to watch was rugby, favourite sport to partake in was cycling, and favourite food was "anything with meat in it".

Asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he recalled his political aspirations were awakened when former deputy prime minister Brian Talboys visited the family home when Mr English was about 10.

When Mr English was asked what his favourite holiday destination was, he cheekily inquired if pupils had "heard of a famous holiday destination called Dipton?" referring to his hometown in Southland.

Our Lady of Kapiti School will be officially opened on Friday, St Patrick's Day.