The TV current affairs show that encourages viewers to engage on social media has found the sting in Twitter's tail.

Seven Sharp host Greg Boyed has had to apologise for tweeting on Thursday: "2 the chunky woman who just elbowed past me at wgtn airport, an 'excuse me', unlike all those double down burgers youre so fond of, is free".

Reaction on Twitter had been swift and scathing.

By late last night Boyed posted an apology by talking about himself in the third person: "Well someone has had it pointed out to him just a couple of times he has been a dick and caused offence. Not my intention. sorry."


Boyed did not respond to calls but the show's executive producer, Raewyn Rasch, downplayed the remark: "It's one tweet. It's just not a biggie."

She said the Seven Sharp team enjoyed people responding via social media. But the comments were not intended for newspaper articles. "What happens on Twitter should stay on Twitter." The post was still available on the TV show's website last night.

Rasch said people could "unfollow" Boyed if they wanted to, just as they were welcome to post comments. And comment they did.

Ashleigh Young: "This is cruel, ridiculous, fat-shaming."

Chris Philpott: "Breaking news: Greg Boyed is human, gets frustrated occasionally."

Cactus Kate: "It's Paul Henry Remembrance day don't u know??"

Steve Gray: "Dear Greg Boyed, Happy International Women's Day."