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Louise Thompson: The weight loss tool you need

Ditch the fad-diets and start getting healthy. Photo / Thinkstock
Ditch the fad-diets and start getting healthy. Photo / Thinkstock

Life coaching is about building better relationships - primarily with ourselves, our work, our loved ones, our body.

When it comes to our body there are many things my weight-loss clients have in common. They are all smart women. They know carrots are better for them than carrot cake. They know they need to eat less and move more. They know calories out needs to be greater than calories in. And yet putting what they know into practice is hard. They are busy juggling a lot of responsibilities at home and at work.

They feel guilty about a lot of things - time at work, time at home, time to exercise, eating healthily or not. The guilty pleasure of a muffin is a pleasure for about four and a half minutes and then it's a source of guilt for the next four hours. Their relationship with food seesaws between one of joy, desire and reward, and one of guilt and mistrust.

They know they should exercise more, but life gets in the way. Not enough time.

Or they don't enjoy it that much, it's a chore. Their body image is not what it was or what it could be. The mirror is rarely their friend. When they get ready to go out the bedroom becomes a sea of discarded clothes as they try on outfit after outfit to find the one they feel okay in. Don't even talk to me about bikini season. It can be a miserable treadmill and it can affect some of us for a lifetime.

Here's the thing. Our most powerful weight loss tool is our brain. Training our brain is far more powerful than learning yet more about the lastest fad diet. It's the long-lasting way to live life at your natural bodyweight. I believe we can all be at our natural bodyweight, effortlessly.

The weight where we feel fit, slim, healthy, confident. I believe that to do that we need to harness the power of our brain. Not buy another Thighbuster Plus or another GetSkinnyInAWeek diet book. We need to workout our brain instead, with new tools and techniques. We need to get out of our own way and stop self sabotaging. When we create the right mental environment and put an end to emotional eating, our body will follow suit. There is a natural answer and it comes from a place where we stop the war with our bodies.

I love seeing my clients' renewed confidence and the results as their bodies start to release the weight along with the old, unhealthy belief patterns that have kept them trapped for years. Wether it's ending a lifetime of yoyo dieting or just losing the last five kilos the principles are the same. It's a joyous journey, a journey back to inhabiting our bodies with love and grace.

I am super-excited to be sharing these techniques in my forthcoming exclusive seminar series: if you want to finally end your own personal diet war then come and join us. Make peace with your body. Call a truce with food. Declare a ceasefire on overeating. It's time.

In this powerful and unique "Food for Thought" seminar series you will learn:

• The skinny on why diets have never worked for you.
• Why you know what to do when it comes to weight loss, but can't seem to do it in practice and how to change that pattern.
• How to stop yoyo dieting and do something much more effective instead.
• How to effortlessly get down to your natural body weight.

• How to discover the real reasons you're overeating and stop.
• The techniques you need to build healthy habits that become easily integrated habits of a lifetime.
• You'll discover a unique way of using your mind that allows you to be around any kind of food at any time and not be tempted to overeat.

• You'll discover an easy and effective way to make peace with your current body without having to give up on losing weight.
• You'll learn how to detox from your soul for a cleaner, fresher you who is connected and on purpose.
• You'll find out how to improve your body image whatever your weight.
• You will have a tool kit of techniques to set yourself free from guilt around food, eating and weight.

Louise is a life coach, author and corporate escapee. Visit for more.

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Inspirational advice to rock your life with energy, passion, happiness and balance.

Louise is a corporate escapee turned wellbeing pro. After 17 successful years on the commercial side of media a serious health crisis led to a complete lifestyle overhaul and a brand new direction. As a life coach, and the first Martha Beck accredited coach in New Zealand, she loves nothing better than to help her clients get inspired, get happy and make their own rules for a connected, passion-fueled life. Her first book, The Busy Woman’s Guide to High Energy Happiness, aims to motivate people with practical solutions to step up and live their best lives. A qualified yoga teacher she also runs her own yoga studio and leads corporate wellness seminars. Louise loves to run, cook and dance, and is an incurable travel junkie.

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