For some years a group of Woodville residents have had to contend with flooding around their properties.

For those living in Ross and Ormond streets the ongoing problem could be about to be sorted, but only once a report has been presented to the Tararua District Council.

Woodville-based district councillor Peter Johns met the affected residents five or six weeks ago and with all but one resident agreeing on what should be done, he had hoped for a quick resolution from the council.

"To sort this out is going to cost between $6000 and $7000, as well as $2500 in legal fees," he said.


"I would like the council, as a goodwill gesture, to undertake to take care of the legal expenses."

District Mayor Roly Ellis said he was happy for council to pay the legal costs.

"We just have to make sure all the residents pitch in for the other costs."

However, councillor David Roberts thought it unwise for council to approve anything without seeing the figures. And councillor Tracey Collis agreed.

"We need to use best business practice."

Council chief executive Blair King has previously said water in the Ormond and Ross streets areas which wasn't escaping from low-lying areas wasn't the fault of the council system.

"The solution is for respective property owners to get easements to allow the water to drain away.

"Property owners need to organise easements with their neighbours."

Mr Johns has now asked councillors to consider a proposal at their next meeting.