An unemployed South Auckland man has been charged with perjury after allegedly telling a judge he was a commanding officer of the SAS.

Allen Christopher Copeman, 42, was called as a witness in a defended hearing at the Manukau District Court on September 12. He allegedly told the court under oath he was part of the elite SAS unit with the New Zealand Army.

Copeman was giving evidence at the defended hearing of a man who had allegedly threatened his partner. The man was found not guilty.

Copeman told the Herald on Sunday the man had been intimidating his partner and her neighbours for four years. He said the man and his family had continuously jumped over fences, thrown rubbish and blocked driveways.

The man's charge stemmed from an incident in Clendon Park on October 29 last year.


"A mob of about 15 turned up at our property."

Copeman said someone threatened to kill his partner and grabbed her leg as she was trying to get away. "It was intimidating," Copeman said. "One neighbour had to sell to get away from them."