Business journalist Christopher Adams, 34, who died on holiday in Cambodia this week, was a star reporter from the moment he walked into the New Zealand Herald offices as a student intern.

His first big story, on the impact of Chinese demand for New Zealand infant formula, hit the front page of the Weekend Herald in January 2010.

It lifted the curtain on an issue which would snowball to the highest levels of New Zealand Government and business.

Adams' work uncovered evidence that soaring demand for New Zealand infant formula in China was driving illegal exports and unsafe practices which were causing official concern in Beijing.


His dogged contact work and old school reporting was able to shed light on growing concern among Chinese officials which ultimately led to the restructuring of the industry in this country.

He was rewarded for his work, winning the top prize in 2015 at the New Zealand China Council media awards.

In the past few years he had thrown himself into covering the financial markets, digging deep into the performance of several high profile companies and keeping investors up to speed with the market buzz in his weekly Stock Takes column.

He was a popular and well-liked contact among many of the key players in the financial markets. He was a family man and is survived by his wife and two children.

Adams will be sorely missed by the Business Herald team where he was a friend and respected colleague. He had a selfless attitude to chasing the news and was fearless in asking the tough questions of New Zealand business.