What if you could change the view from your bedroom or lounge window? Or move the rooms so you are facing the sun?

A house at Auckland's Maraetai Beach can do just that.

The Maraetai Rd home sits on a concrete platform and rotates 360 degrees so you can face in any direction you want for sun, views or shelter - and toward sea or bush.

It has been dubbed "the lighthouse" by the owner and looks like a glassed-in merry-go-round.


The three-bedroom house with one bathroom is being advertised for rent at $675 a week. It sits on a revolving platform, and all the doors slide for maximum indoor outdoor flow.

The house comes furnished and the price includes water and wifi, according to the listing.

It was listed on Trade Me on Tuesday and by 7pm tonight, the advertisement had nearly 3000 views.

The house was built by Don Dunick in the 1990s. He told the Herald in 2002 that it took nearly 18 years of his spare time for his idea to reach completion.

The house cost about $450,000.

Mr Dunick said sensors detected an approaching storm and turned the part of the house with open doors towards shelter.

The house was burglar-proof because its powered sliding doors could not be forced open, he said, and open doors could be programmed to close when anyone approached.

Glass walls were kept free of dust by water jets programmed for washes.

The toughest problem during building was how to put service pipes and cables into a house that turns without pipes and wires being tied in knots.

Five years went into overcoming the problem and Mr Dunick said at the time he was taking out a patent on the solution, which he said could also be a boon for rotary cowsheds.