Richard Moore: Genius is the eye of the beholder

It is quite interesting the work skills in potential migrants that some nations are seeking.

Australia wants dental technicians, midwives, boat builders, butchers, bakers, electricians, plumbers and chefs.

New Zealand is after flying instructors, aircraft engineers, panel beaters, car painters, truck drivers and spatial scientists. Presumably all those chaps have gone to Oz and that's why they are needed here.

Both countries are united in wanting one profession - hairdressers.

Yup, if you snip the locks you'll seemingly breeze into work on either side of the Tasman Sea.

In the US they are desperate for skilled tradespeople, engineers, IT staff, sales reps, accounting, drivers, mechanics, nurses, machine operators, teachers.

Sadly, in none of those countries are journalists or photographers in hot demand.<inline type="recurring-inline" id="1003" align="outside" enforce-sites="no" />

Certainly not in Aussie, where my former newspaper colleagues have been slaughtered on the altar of internet promise with 3000 jobs to disappear. Although journalism is not on the sought list I have a sneaky way to get into the US if ever that becomes an issue.

I'm going to go in on a 0-1 or EB-1 visa. Doesn't mean much like that, but the slang term for them is "Genius Visas."

Foreigners of "extraordinary ability" can go to the US for up to three years.

Possibly the most famous of these "genii" is Shera Bechard, the Canadian-born former girlfriend of Playboy Enterprises founder Hugh Hefner. The cute and curvy blonde got in for her "extraordinary abilities". I'm not sure what to say on that.

WHILE still in America I have to say authorities there often show incredible intelligence - genius even - when dealing with criminal cases and law enforcement here could learn a lot from them. US authorities are not going to prosecute a father who bashed a man to death after he caught him sexually assaulting his 4-year-old daughter.

The Texan had done what any father would - and should do - as paedophiles are such disgusting, deviant and devious lowlives they should not be allowed to breathe the same air as we do.

JUST how dumb are the people who live in Northland?

A Kerikeri woman went out for some light-fingered shopping recently and took a liking to a pair of sunglasses that clearly her benefit could not afford.

Thinking she had sneakily snuck them into her bag she left the store only to be approached by staff who asked to search her Santa sack. Upon opening said fashion accessory staff removed the sunglasses and noted a glass pipe for smoking P as well. She is facing not only theft charges, but drug counts as well. Ooooops.

WHILE I'll never win The Voice I can hold a tune but I still leave public warbling as something to do on my bucket list. Unfortunately one of the residents of Kerikeri (yes, again) was not so community-minded when she tried her vocal chords at busking.

She set up outside a supermarket and began to let rip. Her wailing was so woeful that distressed shoppers and staff had to call the rozzers to shut her up. Asked the type of music she was performing police said: "They're still trying to figure that out."

ISN'T IT amusing how teens get horrendously offended if a parent does something uncool, like kiss their new girlfriend in public, or does a little fun dance outside of the family home, and then proceed to get angry and try to avoid being seen with you?

They walk off, pretend you don't know them - despite the physical similarities - and then whinge forever about "Oh you are just so stupid and embarrassing."

Well here's a youngster I suspect will never criticise her betters again.

In Hastings the local fire brigade was called out to a public park where there was a report of a kid being stuck in a swing.

Sirens and lights going hammer and tongs they flew to the scene where they rescued the trapped girl.

The no-doubt crimson-cheeked lass was cut free and was asked how old she was.

"16," came the reply.

Oh dear, her parents must be so embarrassed. Tee hee.

- Bay of Plenty Times

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