The Western Bay District Council has confirmed its election results.

MAYOR (one vacancy)

LALLY, Mike 1,950
MERRIMAN, Gwenda 2,793
THWAITES, Don 2,022
TOHIARIKI, Kevin 1,926
WEBBER, Garry 3,971
Informal votes received: 29
Blank votes received: 422

Garry WEBBER is elected.



Kaimai Ward (four vacancies)
DEAN, Mark 2,681
HUMPHREYS, Christina 1,585
MURRAY-BENGE, Margaret 2,806
PALMER, John 2,669
THWAITES, Don 3,321
Informal votes received: 1
Blank votes received: 194

are elected.

Katikati-Waihi Beach Ward (three vacancies)

BOWYER, Phil (Western Ward Ratepayers) 1,603
GOUDIE, Ross 1,663 TOHIARIKI, Kevin 1,581
MACKAY, Peter 1,844 WILLIAMS, Mike 1,819
MARSHALL, David 1,952
Informal votes received: 26
Blank votes received: 129

Peter MACKAY, David MARSHALL and Mike WILLIAMS are elected.

Maketu-Te Puke Ward (four vacancies)

CANTLON, Gus 1,188
COLMORE, Margaret (Mountain Road Ratepayers Association) 1,121
DALLY, Grant 1,665 SCRIMGEOUR, John 1,911
GUNN-THOMAS, Karyl 1,541
LALLY, Mike 1,758
MARSH, Kevin 2,008
RATU, Bertie 1,124
Informal votes received: 6
Blank votes received: 44

Grant DALLY, Mike LALLY, Kevin MARSH and John SCRIMGEOUR are elected.


Katikati Community Board (four vacancies)

DUNLOP, Sam 1,447
GIBBS, Brendan 1,939
HOBBS, Jenny 1,815
MARTIN, Brian 795
MAYO, Norm (Western Ward Ratepayers) 1,507
WARREN, Ben 2,102
Informal votes received: 2
Blank votes received: 41

Brendan GIBBS, Jenny HOBBS, Norm MAYO and Ben WARREN are elected.

Te Puke Community Board (four vacancies)

BUTTON, Bev 1,075
DALLY, Grant 1,504
DUGMORE, Joan 1,011
LALLY, Mike 1,526
MILLER, Peter 1,277
Informal votes received: 2
Blank votes received: 130

Bev BUTTON, Grant DALLY, Mike LALLY and Peter MILLER are the highest polling candidates, however, as Grant DALLY and Mike LALLY have both been declared elected councillors to the Maketu-Te Puke Ward, their names have been withdrawn and the next highest polling candidate, Joan DUGMORE is declared elected. A by election for the remaining position will be held on February 17.

Waihi Beach Community Board (four vacancies)

HEPENSTALL, Brian (Western Ward Ratepayers) 796
MILLS, Derek 508 SOLE, Allan 714
PARSONS, Ruth 774
ROBERTS, Marilyn 636
Informal votes received: 0
Blank votes received: 28

Brian HEPENSTALL, Ruth PARSONS, Marilyn ROBERTS and Allan SOLE are elected.