Greerton's new $3.65 million library looks likely to retain its name unless councillors order a rethink today.

A recommendation to stick with the status quo of Greerton Library goes to today's meeting of the council which is under pressure to make a decision well before the new building opens in July.

The existing name includes the current Maori alternative Te Ao Marama Ki Tutarawananga, which means a place of learning.

Tauranga libraries manager Jill Best and council customer services manager Margaret Batchelar have opposed the wishes of Greerton Mainstreet to rename the library Greerton Village Library.


Their report said a decision was needed as soon as possible for signage because the new library was due to open mid-July - a year after the old building was demolished.

They said the name Greerton Village stemmed from a marketing programme by Greerton Mainstreet which "did not appear to have had widespread uptake amongst Greerton retail/residents to date".

They argued that the library served a wider area than Greerton Village and changing the name might create a precedent for other changes, such as renaming Greerton Hall.

"This may have cost implications," the report said.

A council community connections meeting held at the Greerton RSA in December saw 36 of the 40 residents at the meeting favour the status quo name.

The report said that only one building, the Greerton Village School, contained the word village in its name.

"There appear to be no retail shops which have picked up this initiative."

The name Greerton Village arose when the town centre was upgraded and it was used as a marketing tool to set the area apart from the city, with Mainstreet saying the village concept made the shopping centre more appealing.

The new 960sq m library was double the size of the old library and will open on to the shopping centre's village green.

It will include a large learning centre and community meeting room. Ms Best said it would become a community hub rather than just a place to borrow books.

Historical background to emergence of name Greerton Village:

* Village green first mentioned in 1993 submission to the council

* Greerton Village Bulletin issued by Mainstreet 1995

* Greerton School added 'village' to name 1998