A mobile exhibition space commemorating a centenary of World War I through two interactive shipping containers has been announced for Tauranga.

The exhibition will be headed by Tauranga Heritage Collection after funding was granted by the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board.

In partnership with WW100 Tauranga, and the Hauraki Regimental Association, the exhibition will feature WWI related objects and stories from the Tauranga museum collection, the Hauraki Regimental Museum and other collections within the community.

Tauranga City Council's cultural heritage manager Dean Flavell said the exhibition would give a greater understanding of the local, national and global impact of the war and the contributions made by people of this region. Nearly every New Zealand family was affected.


"These mobile and interactive exhibitions will be transported to a variety of locations around Tauranga, including schools, marae, rest-homes, the city centre and RSAs," he said.

"Communities will also have the opportunity to contribute to the exhibitions or create their own."

The exhibition features two customised shipping containers that will be configured to deliver an ever changing visitor experience. The containers will provide a strong, secure and portable environment for artefacts while providing a unique and innovative place for visitors to view these exhibitions.

At least 10 exhibitions will be designed over a five-year period and the first of these will open August 29.