All proceeds from the novel Damerosehay written by Ruth Dalglish will go to Homes of Hope in Tauranga.

Tauranga author and retired nurse Ruth Dalglish is donating the proceeds of her first novel Damerosehay to Homes of Hope. The organisation has to raise about $300,000 every year to stay afloat.

The book is based on a child's journey through child abuse so it seemed like the right thing to do, Ruth says.

The plot mirrors parts of her life so the words came easily for the self-confessed book lover. The tale is based in England and follows Penny, a young girl who has been abandoned by her parents.


She lives in East London and faces a myriad of challenges, from living in the slums to dealing with a horrid caregiver and bullying from her older brother.

However circumstances change when Anglican church worker, Caroline, intervenes and Penny gets to go on holiday at the grand country estate Damerosehay, with three other children.

The storyline twists and turns but is focussed on how influences and the compassion of others can make a big difference.

Ruth says she has sympathy for children affected by child abuse because of her role as a nurse and her personal experiences.

"I was slightly abused as a child and I didn't seek counselling until I was middle-aged."

Homes of Hope does a fantastic job and she wants to raise awareness about the fantastic service they offer, she says.

"I feel very strongly about it and want to do something to help."

Homes of Hope kaiwhakahaere and co-founder Hilary Price said the unusual donation is wonderful.

"We are very thankful for this incredible donation not only the funds, but the labour of love in writing a book and giving it all to us in support of the children we care for is simply, and undeniably, miraculous."

On average Homes of Hope cares for 12 children every month and has cared for 139 since it opened in 2003.

"We are very committed to ensuring the best possible care and stable environment, where siblings can be kept together and children are not moved multiple times while away from home," she says.

"We are committed to the goal of early intervention and prevention for these vulnerable young lives, believing it to be humane, moral and economically sensible."

Damerosehay can be purchased at Books A Plenty or from Homes of Hope, phone 5789826, email or see