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Kristin Edge is a reporter for the Northern Advocate


  • 29 Sep, 2017 5:00am
  • 2 minutes to read
Police are appealing for sightings of car that may have been involved in a fatal crash.
  • 6 Nov, 2016 6:12pm
  • 2 minutes to read
A wanted man who police claim has been meeting up with women for dates through social media sites and mobile phone apps gave himself up today.
  • 10 Aug, 2016 8:41am
  • 3 minutes to read
There have been nearly 10 burglary victims a day across Northland. Latest crime statistics show the number of "victimisations" for
  • 9 Aug, 2016 12:25pm
  • 3 minutes to read
When a ball came flying past, her netball instincts kicked in and sevens player tried to catch it - and ended up in the sinbin.
  • 5 Aug, 2016 8:00am
  • 2 minutes to read
A wanted man who was also disqualified from driving was spotted behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle and then led officers on a pursuit
  • 13 Jul, 2016 8:48am
  • 2 minutes to read
A police pursuit in Northland involving a van which ended with a splash into a river could have easily been an episode out of American television series The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • 11 May, 2016 5:00am
  • 3 minutes to read
When Blake Raven saw an emu wandering the streets of Mangawhai yesterday, he thought it was pretty random.

Cops slam 'stupid' drivers

  • 21 Apr, 2016 8:33am
  • 4 minutes to read
An act of "absolute stupidity and dangerous driving" by a fleeing motorist put innocent lives at risk, Northland's top traffic officer says.

Readers help victims of pitbull attack

  • 19 Apr, 2016 8:30am
  • 2 minutes to read
An American pitbull dog responsible for the attack on an elderly man and his dog in Kaikohe has been handed over to authorities and is likely to be destroyed.
  • 18 Apr, 2016 8:00am
  • 2 minutes to read
As 92-year-old Jim Morgan lay on the ground trying to fight off the stray dog attacking him, all he could think of was protecting his best mate, Sandy.

Workplace drug rise

  • 21 Mar, 2016 8:44am
  • 3 minutes to read
  • 18 Mar, 2016 9:30am
  • 3 minutes to read
A motorist stopped for a breath test took off with a Whangarei policeman hanging out the window for 300 metres after the officer tried to take the keys from the vehicle, police say.
  • 14 Mar, 2016 5:00am
  • 3 minutes to read
A teen mother of twins cried out "I love you" to family members as she left the courtroom to start a three-year jail sentence for dealing $30,000 worth of meth.